We are committed to sharing the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through local missions and through partnering with organizations and individuals that have mission in their heart. Here you will find links to some of our partners.

Missions We Support

Camp Forest Springs – Del & Nancy Kroeker

Del & Nancy Kroeker are missionary staff at Camp Forest Springs in North Central Wisconsin. Del serves as the Program Maintenance Specialist and Nancy is the Adult Ministries Registar.  The camps mission is to provide programs and facilities in a camping environment with a trained service-oriented staff who use the Word of God to help initiate faith and cultivate maturity in Jesus Christ.

Phil & Carol Bergen

Phil and Carol Bergen are part of a team aimed at helping the Nanerige people understand the Bible and follow Jesus. The Nanerige are a Senoufo people group living in Western Burkina Faso. Their mission involves translating the Bible into Nanerige and also using Jula (the trade language of the region) to develop relationships and form communities of faith. The team is reaching out in holistic ways, sharing Bible knowledge, and helping with health concerns and literacy.

Maliki Ouattara

Maliki Ouattara is a Nanerige language informant and translator in Burkina Faso for missionaries Phil and Carol Bergen. Maliki has become more and more active in teaching the translated scriptures. Besides preparing to teach selected scriptures for evangelism and discipleship from both the Old and New Testaments, Phil and Maliki are involved in translating whole books of the New Testament, starting with the gospels and the book of Acts. Maliki is also moderator for the N’Dorola church.

Emmanuel Ministies – Juarez, Mexico

Emanuel Ministries provides a safe shelter, nourishment, education, medical care, creative outlets, and spiritual guidance to the underprivileged children of Juarez. Some children come from extreme poverty and broken homes where there is only one parent caring for them; others come from neglectful situations, physical and emotional abuse, and some from total abandonment. Emmanuel houses nearly 100 children, all of which are given the opportunity to dream and to learn more about God.

Joel & Janelle Rich

The Rich’s are based in Brazil. Joel works in NTM’s aviation program serving missionaries working in remote locations. Janelle is primarily a stay at home mom but also helps out at a school for missionary kids.

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